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Why Pre Hawza

The Pre-Hawza course is a universal introductory course to various Islamic studies which are important to know for every Muslim. This course is beneficial for two groups:

1. Those who want to study in traditional seminary school (The Hawza); this course familiarizes them with the teaching method, curriculum and prerequisites of the seminary.

2. Those students (high school or college graduated) who want to have deep awareness of Islam.

Length and Form of the Course:
This course will be ideally conducted in four semesters consisting of 36 credit hours. All courses are in English.
Note: A certificate of Primer Course of Traditional Islamic Sciences will be awarded to the participants upon completion, which is approved by the Traditional Seminary School.


Educational Goals and Policies:
– Familiarization of generalities and the specifics of Islamic Education.
– Familiarization of existing schools and faculties inside the Islamic education system.
– To identify talented learners for entry into the traditional Islamic seminary.
– To familiarize attendees with the atmosphere of Islamic seminary and the decorum of seminary students.
– To prepare refined and educated youth, who will be familiar to the pure Islam of Muhammad PBUH&HP and will accept their responsibilities in North America.

Role and Effectiveness:
With the grace of Allah Almighty and permission of Imam Mahdi (a.s.), this course will offer a comprehensive picture of Islam based on its teachings with regards to beliefs, learnings and actions. These Students will be able to defend the Islam on different fronts and opportunity to attend lectures by the teachers of traditional Islamic seminary will be provided to these students.




1. When will the course be held and what is the daily schedule like?

The program was launched in September 2015 . The first semester will finish in December 2015. The next semester will start in January 2016 and end in May 2016. Limited students will be granted admission in the beginning of each term.The classes will be held on weekends and week nights, please see schedule for more detail. There will be six courses in total during a semester. Student are required to choose at least four courses from the courses offered.

2. What is the course fee?

The course is free for students enrolled full time in MC PreHawza Program and commits to complete the program in 4 terms and must be enrolled in 4 courses minimum during each term. There is a onetime non refundable registration fee of $100 that will be charged to each successful applicant for the duration of whole Pre-Hawza Program. In addition, there will be $100 deposit required for each course to ensure the student will participate in program regularly and the deposit will be refunded or applied towards future classes upon successful completion of each course. In case enrolled student discontinue the class or unable to attend regularly the deposit will be forfeited. Please see FAQ 12 if interested in enrolling individual courses without committing for the whole PreHawza Program.

3. What opportunities are available upon successfully completing this course?

Students may continue their studies in recognized centers of traditional learning abroad (Hawza Ilmiyah).

4. Is there any age limit or gender specifics?

There is no age limit and classes are open for both genders to attend. Due to the nature of discussions involved it is required for the students to have high school diploma or equivalent in order to participate in the program. This program is designed to meet the spiritual needs of Muslims living in the west.

5. What is the application process like? Is there any entrance exam or interview?

There is no entrance exam. Please click on register now link on our website to complete the application form. The member of our admission committee will contact you by telephone or email to schedule an interview to determine your needs inshallah.

6. What will be the language of course instruction?

The Pre-Hawza Program is currently offered in English language and there will be some courses available in Urdu language if we have enough students to form a group.

7. Who will be the course instructors?

This course will be supervised by Scholars at Muslim Congress and its primary instructors are qualified from Hawza Ilmiyah. Other Scholars will also contribute as visiting faculty.

8. What certification will be provided upon completion of this course? Is it recognized?

A certificate of completion will be provided to students who complete the course successfully. Results will be available in a transcript format that may be transferred to centers of traditional learning.

9. Where will the course be held?

The courses will be held in an online classroom environment using a learning management system and web conferencing software. Part of the program will be offered in class room environment through 2 to 3 weeks intensive courses in different US cities during summer and winter vacation. The students are encouraged to attend both online and on campus classes.

10. Whom can I contact to submit an application for admission and for more information?

Visit our website at http://prehawza.com for more information on registration. You can find application form at http://prehawza.classe365.com/users/apply.

11. Where can I get detailed course descriptions?

Please click on course title on our homepage to see course descriptions.

12. Is it possible to enroll in individual courses if unable to commit for the whole program?

This program is mainly designed for the students who would like to complete the whole program and offered free of cost to them. Depending on the space available in the class, limited number of students can enroll in individual classes for $100 non refundable course fees as we are not allowed to spend donations for students enrolling in individual courses.

Pre Hawza