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Arabic Morphology

About Instructor

Brief introduction of the Arabic word’s structure and how it is formed to indicate meanings, such as tense, number, gender etc. (the verb and the noun)

– Definition of morphology and its advantages
– Word and its three types
– Main and additional letters
– Past tense verbs (definition, formation and meaning)
– Imperative tense verbs (definition, formation and meaning)
– Active and Passive Tense
– Transitive and Intransitive verbs
– Imperative and Prohibitive tense
– Pronouns of verbs.
– Structure of Verb and their meanings (verbs with three main letters, and most important forms of verbs with additional letters)
– The sound and the weak verbs
– Singular, dual and plural nouns
– Masculine and feminine nouns
– Definite and indefinite nouns (the important points should be explained)
– Structure of Nouns (Subject, Object, Time, Place, Instrument)
– Table of composition

Start On March 31, 2018
Duration 12 Month
Level Beginner
Lesson Islamic Theology 2
No. of Credits 2
Credit Hours 32
Theoretical 32
Practical -
Seat avaiable 59
Price $100.00

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