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Arabic Syntax

About Instructor

This course covers the structure of sentences in Arabic, with emphasis on the verses of the Quran.

– Definition of syntax and its advantages
– The Active participant (definition and important characteristics)
– Subject and predicate (definition and important characteristics)
– The Direct object (definition and important characteristics)
– Genitives governed by a preposition
– Genitives governed by a possession
– Adjective and noun qualified by it (definition and a brief explanation of following the
Noun Substantive)
– Conjunction
– Letters (definition, important samples of active and inactive Letters)
– Nominal sentences and verbal sentences
– Identification of agents
– Table of synthesis

Start On March 31, 2018
Duration 12 Month
Level Beginner
Lesson Islamic Theology 2
No. of Credits 2
Credit Hours 32
Theoretical 32
Practical -
Seat avaiable 59
Price $100.00

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