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Islamic Ethics (1)

About Instructor

Broadly speaking, the concept of “ethics” refers to any normative evaluation of acts. While some make a conceptual distinction between “morality” and “ethics,” based on a distinction between obligations of the “right” owed to other persons and the pursuit of the “good,” this entry will subsume under the term “ethics” both theories of moral obligation (to others, to God) and theories of the good, of virtue, or of cultivation of the self. According to this general conceptual definition, ethics in the Islamic tradition have taken a number of forms. Of course, all genres of Islamic ethics will have some relationship to the Qurʾan; however, there is a genre of scholarship that attempts to apprehend the moral vision of the Qurʾan in its own right.

– The ancient practical wisdom (i.e. Ethics)
– Discussion on how to do self-correction and purification
– Introduction and the general discussion and the principles of Ethics
a – Immateriality and the perpetuity of the Soul
b – The impact of human nature and temperament on Ethics
c – Role of education in Ethics
d – The Merit of Ethical knowledge due to merits of its topic and its goal
e – The true Composition of Man from different elements and the fact that ultimate happiness resembles the origin
– Kinds of Ethics
a – Four virtues (Justice, Courage, Wisdom, Modesty)
b – Self-development prior to rectifying others
c – Achieving Love
d – The Middle path in Ethics—i.e., moderation and its extremes
– Good manners
a – Keeping moderation and mediocrity in virtues, words and deeds
b – General and special treatment of the illness of the Soul
c – Four Levels
1 – Power of Cognition, its virtues and vices
2 – Power of Irascibility, its virtues and vices
3 – Power of Concupiscence, its virtues and vices
4 – Virtues and vices related to two or all three of the above powers

Start On March 31, 2018
Duration 12 Month
Level Beginner
Lesson Islamic Theology 2
No. of Credits 2
Credit Hours 32
Theoretical 32
Practical -
Seat avaiable 59
Price $100.00

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